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September 20, 2005

Sewer Problems Are NOT my favorite things! $99 Rooter was a Great Solution. Around Denver You Can Call 720-276-9900 For Help With Your Sewer Problems too.

For $99.00 Joe ran his camera down my sewer line and was able to let me see the problem. Knowing the problem is a huge step toward a long term solution. I'd had other companies like Roto Rooter come out in the past, but Joe was much better.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Joe Greenberg, owner of Ninety-Nine Dollar Rooter, is working hard to provide affordable solutions to people with sewer problems. Need your sewer cleaned out? $99.00. Need to see exactly what the problem is down there? Also $99.00. Need to know from outside just where the problem really is so you know where to dig? That part's included in the $99.00 for running the camera through your sewer.

Joe was pleasant, professional, and knowledgable. He made suggestions that made sense for me, and my wife was delighted to be able to run water down our drains again once he was finished.

It looks like the long term solution will require some digging in the front yard, (bummer), but at least I now know where to dig and can plan accordingly. The video is clear and shows me exactly how far out the problems are. Joe even marked the spots in the front yard and in my basement where the problem starts and ends.

He even suggested an interim solution to help get me by until my "big dig".

Joe's company, Ninety-Nine Dollar Rooter, can be reached in the Denver area at 720-276-9900. As good as he is, I expect him to be expanding beyond the Denver area soon. He also does Air Duct Cleaning for, you guessed it, $99.00.

Thanks, Joe